High-Performance Fluorescent Dyes

U.S. Patent No. 9,011,716

Dyes for Circulating Fluids 

Find Leaks Fast in Synthetic or Petroleum-Based Fluid Systems!

Ideal for use as part of a diagnostic/preventive maintenance program for industrial systems. Work effectively in any enclosed circulatory system where fluids are used.

  • User Friendly — Just add a small amount of dye to the system and let it circulate. All leaks will glow brightly when scanned with a high-intensity Spectroline® leak detection lamp.
  • Versatile — Allow inspection of an entire system under virtually all operating conditions. Pinpoint the exactsource of the smallest, most elusive leaks – even multiple and intermittent leaks!
  • Quality — Fully miscible, non-particulate and filtered down to 2 microns. Won’t change the viscosity or lubricity of hose fluid.
  • Cost Effective — Highly concentrated. Contain more active ingredients per dose than competitive dyes.
  • Special Formulations — Available in several distinct colors to distinguish between different leaking fluid systems.
  • Several Sizes — Choose from 8 oz (237 ml), pint (473 ml) or quart (946 ml) bottles as well as gallon (3.8 L) containers. Larger sizes also available.
  • NSF Certified — OIL-GLO® and WATER-GLO® fluorescent dyes are registered to meet food-grade processing requirements. OIL-GLO® dyes meet category codes HTX-2
    and HX-2.