Zenis International Pte Ltd was formed in July 2012 as a subsidiary company of ZenTrade Group of companies to pursue dynamic opportunities beginnings; the company has grown to provide automotive and industrial supplies needs and solutions for all clients in innovative solutions for automotive and industrial services and solutions leading to total customer satisfaction in Asia. 

In year 2010 February, ZenTrade is appointed to be distributor for Spectronics Corporation in Southeast Asia to promote Spectroline Leak Detection for all industries like Oil and Gases, Manufacturing Plants, Marine, Packing Industry, pharmaceutical companies. September 2010 ZenTrade was appointed as Master Distributor to handle all distributors in Southeast Asia. 

With its team of experienced, expert end-users and highly skilled technical staff Zenis International has a unique ability to understand, recognise and respond to both the operational and business needs of our customers in Asia. Backed by the Spectronics Corporation, and ZenTrade, Zenis International Pte Ltd is well positioned to market, develop, implement and deliver innovative solutions for most industries. 

Zenis International Pte Ltd is equipped with a portfolio of leading-edge utility solutions based on industry standards and 



They include:

  •  Cut down in machines down time
  •  Increases in productivity
  •  Cost saving on parts and lubricants